I'm a pretty chilled fun loving comedian that loves the outdoors, beach and camping but is also just as content with a movie snuggled up on the couch. If you are looking for a one night hook-up then continue swiping right cause I am not that type of Squirl.


Sorry wrong App! After making my first appearance onstage as part of the JJJ Raw Comedy competition and making the National final (Broadcast on SBS) I've been busy bringing my stand-up shows all around Australia. I can't think that many people actually read these things but if they do then I must tell you my only fear is Cotton wool... That shit just sends shivers down my spine. Don't tell this to my many enemies. Hit me up here on Facebook or @squirldog1 on Insta if you would like to book me for a show.

This is nothing but prejudice, but spotting the name ‘Squirly’ on the running order suggests an act of little self-awareness, likely to be hilariously, unintentionally bad. But how wrong that impression would be.
"...he’s already got an engaging persona, fully conscious of the baggage his Strine accent and small-town upbringing carries, and able to play with those expectations."

Chortle 2016

"The working man patter of the very likeable Squirly (WA) made you yearn for more time with this bloke’s bloke..."  Herald Sun, 2016